My plants are wilting, what could be causing this?

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GMO, Organic, Hybrid and Heirloom seeds. What does it all mean?

There are so many terms out there when it comes to seeds, but do you know what each of them really means? More »

There’s an app for that!

It seems like there is an app for EVERYTHING nowadays. One of the biggest problems people face when they first start out is identifying plants.  Come on, we’ve all done it.  You More »

Study shows higher yield on Tower Garden crops

If I’m honest, I knew this all along, and so did every other Tower Garden owner I have ever met.  But now it has been proven by a study completed at the More »

Can you spot a ladybug egg or larvae?

There are many beneficial insects out there. If you find praying mantis, spiders, parasitic wasp, lacewing larvae, ladybugs or ladybug larvae in your garden, let them be. They are all assuming the More »


NOW SHIPPING to North Carolina!

In the past, if you lived in North Carolina, you were unable to order seedlings from Living Towers.  Due to some restrictions their Department of Agriculture had in place on living plants coming into the state.  We found out today that we are now able to ship all seedlings (not just herbs) to North Carolina!


IMPORTANT Information regarding Tomorrow’s Workshop

We have just a few spaces available at tomorrow’s workshop at Living Towers.  If you are planning on attending we highly recommend that you register.  Space is limited and if you have registered your space is guaranteed.  Register here.

Don’t miss out!

March Tower Garden Workshop – TWO dates to choose from

Yes that’s right, this month there are TWO dates to choose from.  Be sure to register early and reserve your seat to avoid disappointment.  All workshops take place at Living Towers in Eustis Florida unless otherwise stated.  With spring right around the corner our workshops can fill up fast.  Many new Tower Gardeners do not realize you can grow YEAR ROUND in almost the entire state of Florida.

Our March Tower Garden Workshops will take place on Saturday 21st at 10am – 12pm and Monday 30th at 6pm – 8pm.  More information can be found below. Please register here.

February Tower Garden Workshop

Our February Tower Garden Workshop will take place on Sunday February 1st AND Sunday February 22nd from 10am – 12pm.  More information can be found below. Please register here.

January Tower Garden Workshop

Our January Tower Garden Workshop will take place on January 17th from 10am – 12pm.  More information can be found below. Please register here.

Here at Living Towers we have been growing Tower Garden’s for over four years!  Are you struggling to grow in the red hot summer months? Are your crops suffering in the cold frosty nights? Are bugs bugging you? Do you know how to harvest your produce for best results? Join us at one of our monthly Tower Garden Workshops to learn all of the tips and tricks we have learnt over those years.  We’ll help you get the most from your Tower Garden.

Tower Garden Workshop at Living Towers

Tower Garden Workshop at Living Towers

Tower Garden Workshop – Tampa Area

You’ve asked for workshops in other areas so we’ve got one coming your way. We invite you to join us for a Tower Garden Workshop at the Witch’s Brew in Palm Harbour, FL.  We’ll cover everything we usually cover at our facility in Eustis and we’ll even have a couple of Towers for pruning and harvesting!

TG Workshop Tampa

Tampa Area – Introduction to the Tower Garden with Jason and Dee Lucas NMD

Do you live in the Tampa area?  Now is your chance to learn more about the Tower Garden and how it is the answer to many solutions we face today. From GMOs to pesticides, to high costs and poor quality produce. Join Jason and Dee as they share with you why Tower Gardening is the garden of the future and how easy it is to grow successfully. Come ready to learn the “Power of the Tower” and how it can enhance your health and your life. Space is limited and registrations are required to guarantee a seat. Guests are free.  Distributors are $15 each.  Tickets may be available to purchase at the door, if spaces remain.


Where can I find good quality seeds?

Have you ever attempted to start your own seedlings for your Tower Garden, only to have few, if any germinate?  It can be frustrating when all you want to do is grow your own food! It all boils down to the seed.  We wrote a post a few years ago giving you some insight on why your seed failed to germinate. Starting with good quality seeds is important to ensure you have a good, strong plant.  Poor quality seeds often result in poor germination rate.  Personally, I wouldn’t waste your time or money with big box stores seeds.  They have often been sat on the shop floor and subject to heat and humidity.

There are a number of different things to consider when purchasing seeds.  Do you want an heirloom or hybrid variety?  What about GMOs and Organic?  (See our post here as we define different seed types you’ll find whilst shopping for seeds). Many varieties are bred to be resistant to certain diseases and this can be a great help! You will also want to purchase varieties that do well in your climate.  Below we list our top sources for Non-GMO seeds.  It’s important to note that GMO seeds are generally not available for the average grower to purchase.  However if you are saving seeds from store bought produce that is not organic there is a chance the seeds are from crops that have been genetically altered.

Johnny's Selected Seeds Logo

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is my favorite.  They offer a HUGE selection of Organic and non-organic seeds and all are non-GMO. They offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more and coupon codes are occasionally available offering free shipping on smaller orders.  You can request a free catalog and learn tons of information in their Growers Center.  It even includes a Growers Library with information on growing virtually every crop! Johnny’s Seeds is a great resource for the gardener, even if you are not purchasing seeds from them.



You can get Free Shipping on any size order at with code AFFBFS55. Or you can get $10 off $50 purchase (excluding gift cards at using code AFFBTEN5  Both coupons expire on 1/11/15.  You can request a free catalog on their website.
Park Seed Botanicals
Park seed offers Free Shipping on First Order of $40 or More With E-mail Signup. A free catalog can also be requested on their website.
American Meadows - The Best Place for a huge selection of wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennials, seed packets, ornamental grasses, ferns, and berries at great prices! Click Here!

American Meadows is another provider of Non-GMO seeds and they are currently offering Free Shipping on Promotional Seed Packets.

Official Tower Garden Grow Lights now available!

The cold frigid winter has never been a valid excuse not to own a Tower Garden. Tower Garden now have their own Official Tower Garden Grow Light kit available for the Tower Garden.

How to Clean the Pump Filter in your Tower Garden

There’s very little maintenance involved in growing a Tower Garden.  One very important step you should perform at least once a month is to clean the filter on the pump.  It takes less than two minutes and will help prolong the life of your pump and your plants!


Keep an eye out for other how to videos.  What videos would you like to see?